First Scientist of One Liberty One World

Tesla gave up everything to help Mankind.
Tesla wanted to give us a gift and unite all Mankind.
Free wireless electrical energy for all people of all nations on our planet.


  • no pollution.
  • No poverty.
  • No hunger.
  • No war.
  • Clean air.
  • Less sickness.

Why didn’t we listen to you! Mr. Tesla,

Tesla’s dream for us was not realized.
Because of the greed and selfishness of the people in power at that time.

But he left us a little secret that we are about to share with you.
We hope that you share it to Everything and Everyone has a positive and a negative element in it.

Tesla called it the Cosmic force.
We call it Balance.
That’s how everything and everyone Works even the Universe!

If you brake a bar magnet, you get two new magnets.
The new magnets both have a positive and a negative.
That’s Balance at work.

The earth has a positive and a negative, that’s why a compass works.
It’s always looking for Balance.

Male Female.
We all have to try and keep the Balance.
We all know what is good and what is bad.

The trick is to do more good and the balance will give you back.

Light Dark.
Love Hate.
Good Bad.
Cry Laugh.

We can go on forever.
But we must learn to work with each other and with Balance.

All animals and plants.
All life of earth.
Follows the same principle.
So can you!
Try it yourself.
Do something good for someone.
And see if you feel better.
That’s the Balance at work.

Some of you might say “It’s too simple”.
Well if it was complicated it would not work.
So be kind to your fellow man.
Help them when you can.
And tell them Tesla’s little secret is at hand.

Be truthful to yourself and you will be happy.
So join Tesla’s ambassadors.
Give us a hand to help our fellow man.
Let’s work together, all we have to do is become One Voice One Planet.
Blessed be you all and may you go in Balance.

We respect and understand all people from all races, religions, and creeds.
We all come from the one source.
We do not discriminate in any form.
All are welcome to join us.

Nikola Tesla died in 1943.
His ashes is in his Museum in Belgrade.

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