One Liberty Declaration of Independence

Liberty Leading the People (Artist: Eugène Delacroix, Year: 1830, Type: Oil on canvas, Dimensions: 260 cm × 325 cm (102.4 in × 128.0 in), Location:Louvre, Paris)

Who is the the greatest nationalist of the 20th century?

Adolf Hitler must be. He only lost the war. And the victor writes history.

Are you proud to be a nationalist? Of course you do, right? Why?

Let’s see.

I am proud to be an American to the world. But I am prouder to be a Texan here at home, United States. It is my identity.

I am proud for Dream Team of United States in olympics basketball. But I am prouder for Philadelphia 76ers in NBA. It is my identity.

I always thought that capitalism, socialism, etc. are all good as intended by the authors of these theories. Only that the power behind the government always used these terms but not its concepts. Giving wrong impression to the public, who did not really understand its authors’ philosophies. I learn to appreciate these theories when I read more about them.

I was born catholic. But I as a child always have question about the teachings. So instead of being a heretic and be burned or excommunicated, I am now without any religion. I enjoy reading writings of Confucius, Gautama Buddha, etc. which I always consider as philosophy including the writings of christian, islam, jewish, hinduism, satanism, scientology, etc.

But for me, I am mankind first. Individual Liberty is my priority. Not all of these systems or philosophies above.

Let us listen on these videos.

This is how you talk when against another human or nation.

(Let’s listen to the real voices of three american world war two veterans.)

This is how you talk in one world one country one currency one economy one liberty.

One Liberty Declaration of Independence

One World
One Country
One Currency
One Economy
One Liberty

How can we have one world?

Let’s see.

  1. United States is a federal constitutional republic composed of states.
  2. European Union is an economic and political union composed of nations.
  3. The former USSR is a constitutionally socialist state composed of republics.
  4. Arab League is a regional organization composed of nations.
  5. NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance composed of nations.
  6. APEC is a forum of countries.
  7. ASEAN is a geo-political and economic organization of countries.
  8. OPEC is an intergovernmental organization of countries.
  9. NAFTA is an agreement composed of nations.
  10. WTO  is an organization composed of nations.
  11. United Nations is an international organization composed of nations.

It must be easy to move all these groups into one world. Only that they have to forget about their nationalistic view of the world. And all the theories above. They have to think as one – Mankind.

UN Agenda 21 is criticized as written by the elites that will enslave common people. This is a setback to one world one country that I am envisioning in the near future. Although agenda 21 is not written to have one world one country. But could be a step forward if no hidden agenda behind it architected by the elite tyrants.

UN Agenda 21 – Coming to a Neighborhood near You

Depopulation Agenda 21 Simplified

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