Speech and Expression in One Liberty (One World)

Are you allowed to talk at home? At school?

What about burn the flag? Burn an effigy?

Libel, Slander, Defamation? What’s wrong with these?

Who controls you?

I hope you will forget everything that you grew up with. Forget that you are a communist, a capitalist, a socialist, a marxist, a catholic, a muslim, a satanist, an atheist, a democrat, a republican, an independent.

Just think one – Liberty. For all.

Enjoy the videos. These videos are arranged in reverse chronological order.

This is the theoretical aftermath.

Hitler Finds Out About Kokesh Dance Party

This is the incident.

Adam Kokesh body slammed, choked, police brutality at Jefferson Memorial

Police Brutality at the Silent Flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial

This is Adam Kokesh’s invitation that resulted in the incident.

DANCE PARTY at TJ’s Place!!! (Saturday, 5/28)

This is FIRST EVER dance party at Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

NBC 4 Report on the Jefferson 1

You are invited again.

4 June 2011 12 noon – 1 pm Dance Party At Thomas Jefferson Memorial


Facebook Event Invitation,  RSVP here. Share too.

National TJ DANCE PARTY promo

Judge Napolitano with Adam Kokesh – “What Happened to the 1st Amendment?”


State Free Dance (New Song)

A Message to the Dance Resistance

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